Bringing invasive plant species under control and limiting the harmful effects on nature, the economy and public health. That is the mission of Triangle at Work. We do this by using sustainable methods.


Full Control

With this complete package, you combine the three unique components of Triangle at Work: Knowledge, Software and Machines.

ISM software

The software accompanies you from the inventory of species on the union list to their treatment in the field.


Triangle at Work provides practical low-threshold courses for professionals to recognise invasive species..


For the effective control of these invasive plant species, Triangle at Work translates the (scientific) research and best practices into methods applicable in the field.


The DNA of Triangle at Work is the pragmatic application of currently proven techniques. Hereby we strive for the lowest costs. We have a broad knowledge of the applied techniques in Europe through our domestic and foreign experience in the field of invasive exotics. We use this 30+ years of experience in weed control to guarantee you a no-nonsense approach.  Successful techniques have been embraced by us and incorporated into our method and software. We will not raise any exaggerated expectations. But we would like to surprise you with the effectiveness of our methods. In order to optimise success, we take on the management role. From the start of the process up to and including the execution (including supervision), Triangle at Work achieves the maximum result together with you.

Triangle at Work distinguishes itself

Knowledge, software and machines are fully coordinated. In this way, we offer a fully integrated and transparent solution that allows you to meet all obligations regarding invasive species. The combination within this triangle is the key to success with which we will guarantee you the maximum achievable result.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board includes people who have earned their spurs in this field both at home and abroad.  If you fit this profile, we invite you to respond. Together we are stronger.