Triangle at Work provides practical low-threshold courses for professionals to (re)learn about invasive species. We distinguish two different courses. The principles as used in The Netherlands (by the NVWA) are leading in the courses.


Separate training courses:

Employee training

  • The content of the training consists of making the employees, who are active in the field every day, aware of the external features of the invasive species in different stages. In addition, we provide your employees with insight and we inform them about the importance of reporting these species in the organisation.

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Management training:

  • In addition to the species on the Union list, the management training also includes the latest information on which sustainable techniques are now on the market to control the various invasive species. Furthermore, we will provide you with tools to assess the risks of invasive species damage and to use the different methods within these risks as effectively as possible. Finally, we offer you the opportunity to learn how to inventory the invasive species with our ISM tool.

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  • Do you have any invasive plants and weed control questions?

Triangle at Work can help you directly, or has the qualitative network, to answer your questions regarding invasive species, or weed control in general. Ask about the possibilities

  • Inventory of invasive species present

Triangle at Work can help you draw up a practical plan of approach. We can be of service to you, from making a complete inventory of your grounds to advising you on how to combat invasive species. During and after this process, you can choose to continue using our ABS-ISM (invasive species management) tool.

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 Knowledge partners:

Here you can find parties dealing with invasive species





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