With simple measures, you can also get more out of your current machine for manually operated weeding machines.   More capacity!   Better quality!   More (extra) work!

With the direct result that more m²/day are treated. The weeds are hit deeper and more efficiently. This more efficient approach will result in a better price/quality ratio, both immediately and in the longer term.

This training can apply to:

  • the machinists
  • the person in charge of production
  • the department manager.

Triangle at Work does this by linking theory to practice. This training will prepare your organisation for optimal weed control. This training can be linked to the coaching of your organisation during the season to get more out of their machine with practical tips.  The training consists of a theoretical part and coaching on the job.

The extra capacity realised immediately can be used to carry out more acreage, of course, but also to optimise the quality of the work done. It is also discussed how more (additional) work can be carried out during the year.

How is that possible? We will be happy to explain it to you.