This complete package combines the three unique components of Triangle at Work: Knowledge, Software and Machines. All aspects that are necessary to make invasive species reduction a success are fully coordinated in this package in order to provide you with the maximum achievable result.

  • The first component consists of knowledge sharing. The knowledge component consists of training both your employees at the machine and your employees in the office. The basic training courses for EMPLOYEES and MANAGEMENT are included. The software is structured in such a way that the employee in the field can use it. We teach the management how the information that is necessary for their functioning, from inventory and planning to reports, can be obtained from the ISM Software. As soon as we start, Triangle at Work will take care of the coaching and guidance of your employees on a regular basis during the contract period. Triangle at Work is committed to optimize the continuity of the combat. After all, the plants will not wait to grow until you visit them again. The management systems on which the software is based, are unique for each plant and build up a history during use. Each year, at the end of the season, the collected results are jointly evaluated and, if necessary, the method for the coming season is adjusted. This puts you fully in control of guideline 1143.    


  • The second component is the software. Software package: (ISM) Invasive Species Management. The software has been developed to ensure continuity in management for you. The system is a web-based management tool, which gives you direct access to (proven) methods to control and even combat invasive species. The system provides a demonstrable answer to the obligation to control species on the Union list. The species on the Union list are included in the ISM measure packages. In our Triangle at Work Full control package, the software is an integral part of the method. The package takes the management role off your hands, whereby the software gives you real time information about the results so far.  This integral approach ensures maximum results in the control of invasive species. Your employees are trained to work with the software (management and execution), allowing you to build up a history and save time to complete your priority list.


  • The third and final component is the machines. The invasive species equipment has been selected and assembled by us. This equipment is made available to you at your location. In consultation with you, we choose the most efficient machine on the market at the time with the perfect service. The machine is mounted on a 4 x 4 carrier, so that your employees can also reach places that are difficult to reach.  The operation of the machine is guaranteed by Triangle at Work in operational form.

The Triangle at Work Full Control package with its three essential components is offered to you in equal monthly amounts so that you do not have to worry about the investments.


Additional information:

In technical support, Triangle at Work works closely together with local partners. These take care of the service and maintenance and breakdowns of the machines for several brands. The vision is: The choice of the machine is only the beginning, a carefree use is the automatic sequel. 

We would be happy to visit you and explain the Triangle at Work Full Control package.