The software accompanies you from the inventory of species on the Union list to the treatment in the field. You will use a tablet to take stock of the species based on photos. The ISM software guides you through the possibilities based on the photos. Simply by clicking on the type of photo and the stage of growth, the type of plant is recorded in the system. The tablet tells you where you are (GPS) and you mark the location of the plant. You take a picture of the situation encountered and, in the background, the software generates the measure packages necessary to tackle the stage of growth. After synchronisation, you can check all this directly on your screen on the web. There is no need to install any software. The system works with user access linked to a password. The management has the possibility to see the full planning of the inventory on Google Maps. If the pilons are green it is under control, orange indicates that it must be done within a week and red indicates that you are too late. With this system, you can see at a glance how the continuity of your areas to be treated is. When your employee sets off with the machine in the morning, he will see a photo of the machine he is going to use. He selects his own machine, after which the software shows him the places that need to be treated. If no treatment is needed yet, the spots are not shown on the tablet. This prevents spots from being treated unnecessarily. The software gives the operator a machine-specific target time and indicates which treatment is ready to be carried out. With a photo before and after, the database is filled and the results are automatically monitored. All this information is stored in the software and can be sorted into reports and presentations by the management in the desired form. This software can be linked to the most common (GIS) management packages within the government.

In the software, rights can be assigned from read-only to administrator rights. We will meet annually with all users to share knowledge and suggest improvements to the software. The tablet will be made available during the contract period.

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The ISM (Invasive Species Management) software runs on the platform of DCTT (Data Control Transponder Technology). At DCTT, management systems are developed from the user’s philosophy, so that management tasks can be performed effectively but also with pleasure. The DCTT team consists of enthusiastic employees who are committed to the effective management of public space and are happy to share their knowledge. The home base of DCTT (Datacontrol Transponder Techniek) is Almere.  Abroad, they work with Joint Ventures. The philosophy of Data Control Transponder Techniek and Triangle at Work match seamlessly. The joint motto is: Enjoy your work and together control the public space a little more.